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Make the Heron Vinyl machine a reality!
We need your help

Working hard every day, now we need your support.

Working on new things needs a vision, a great team and lots of knowledge and stamina. At some moment in time, however, the project gets so big, that you have to ask for help. This is what we do now. We would like to ask you to support us in our Kickstarter Campaign. Besides the obvious monetary support, we burn for the chance to hear your input.

Having learned from other Kickstarter Campaigns, we have prepared as much, as lied in our powers. We have a perfectly detailed construction and two prototoypes. We talked to other engineers that helped us with certifications as CE, UL, WEEE and so on, so that we can sell the machine as an official product in different markets. We tested it thoroughly and worked together with different Hifi shops in Berlin to get the feedback of professional audio enthusiasts.


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What do we need the money for?

The Money

At this point in time, we need some money to pay for the prepared certifications and to finish producing the parts for the first ten machines and the assembly. Furthermore, we would like to hear your input for things like the color, which we haven’t finally perfected yet. As we do make the transition from one piece constructions to small series, we fought with all the legal challenges already, but are eager to learn more, especially when the input comes from you.

As parts and legal certifications are not cheap, your money is used to fights these challenges.

The Way to Reality

Time Frame

The time frame is planned to be four months after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. Although everything is prepared, there is always the chance, that something will go wrong. We did our homework, however, and we think you can see that in all the detail on our website, Instagram, Kickstarter page and all pictures, which show in detail different aspects of our work.

The prototoypes show the materials, design and craftsmanship that are the result of almost two years of development. And they do work flawlessly. If you ask for it, we do also list the quite boring stuff like necessary certifications, that won’t get much likes on Instagram, but are very necessary if you are serious. And you shall know what you support.


All the little pieces

Heron Schallplattenwaschmaschine Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

All knobs are made from massive steel and you can feel it every time you touch them.

Heron Schallplattenwaschmaschine Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine Gewichte

The arm, that presses onto the vinyl record is made from many different stainless steel elements.

Heron Schallplattenwaschmaschine Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine shaft

The central shaft connects motor and rotary plate.

The power switch has its own designed shaft. Operating it just feels good.

Heron Schallplattenwaschmaschine Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine button

The most often used element is made from massive steel.

This is for the weekend. Because no TV and no beer make Homer go crazy. Well, music in this case. But still beer.

Some may say we over-engineered it

Amazing quality

As we only use very long-lasting materials as well as a very sturdy construction (some say it is quite over-engineered), the price point is surely not affordable for everyone. We didn’t want to step back from this beautiful machine though, so we try to find some enthusiasts that will – we know that – enjoy this machine as much as we do.

The luxury also lies in the fact, that you can contact us anytime: Stephan is reachable at [email protected] and is prepared to answer all your questions. He will also work to find answers if you shall ask something very special. 

If you love the inner beauty of things...

Thank you!

As you see, we are rather looking for people sharing our love for music and mechanics than for mass produced devices – not that they are bad. This CNC-milled and hand assembled and finished machine is however quite the opposite.

This project resulted from the love for creating and finding the inner beauty of things. If you share this passion, we would call us very happy having your support.

It is all starting soon!

Let us create something new!

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Your support is very much appreciated.

Our Kickstarter Campaign starts in a few more weeks.